Electric Lock

electric lock

Can locker door open safely?

Electronic storage locker is more and more popular recently, and more and more people consider the safety.

For the current normal lock for electronic locker on the market, give the power to the lock/send a unlock command to open the lock,the lock will be opened immediately. At this time, if someone stands in front of the locker door, he or she will be easily injured. And more and more customers have given us feedback about this problem, so our R&D team designed a lock (KR-S99S) to solve this problem.

KR-S99S with push-to-open function: give the power to the lock, the lock will keep closing until the user push the door for opening, at this point you won’t have to worry about the door hurting the user.

This lock is driven by solenoid,available in 12V and 24V. We also have a control board that goes with this lock. If you are interested, we will send you samples for testing.

If you prefer a motor-driven lock and would like to add this feature, please let us know. We can also make motor-driven locks with this feature.