Smart Bicycle and Bike Cable Lock

With fingerprint and password unlocking, safe and anti-theft. Suitable for locking bicycles, electric vehicles, windows, doors, etc. With our smart bicycle locks and bike cable locks, you can confidently protect your bike from theft and ensure its safety wherever you go. Trust our expertise as a trusted manufacturer in the industry, and choose our smart bicycle locks and bike cable locks for a secure and hassle-free cycling experience.

Smart Cable Lock

The cable lock is a common bicycle lock that consists of an inner wire rope and an outer protective layer. Steel ropes are usually braided from high-strength steel wires, which are resistant to shear and prying forces. The outer protective layer can be a plastic or rubber material and is used to protect the steel rope from scratches and corrosion. One of the advantages of the steel cable lock is flexibility, the steel cable can be bent and adjusted in length freely, suitable for various bicycles and fixed positions. In addition, the cable lock is relatively lightweight and portable and can be easily put into a backpack or attached to a bicycle.

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Smart U-lock

One of the most common bicycle locks is a U-lock, which consists of a U-shaped metal rod and a cylinder. This type of lock secures the bicycle by passing a U-shaped metal rod through the fixed part of the bicycle wheel and frame, and then locking the cylinder. Because the U-shaped lock material is strong and difficult to be broken, it is a relatively safe lock.

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