Smart Door Lock

Multifunctional smart door lock, fashionable and high-end appearance, support language switching suitable for offices, hotels, etc. As a smart door lock factory, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and solutions. With advanced production equipment and technology, we are able to produce various types of smart door locks, including fingerprint recognition, password unlocking, Bluetooth control and other functions. Our smart door locks are highly secure and convenient, providing reliable protection for your home, office or other places. We adopt advanced technology and materials and undergo strict testing and quality control to ensure the stability and reliability of our products. Choose our smart door lock, you will get a safe, convenient and high-quality solution.

Deadbolt Lock

Smart deadbolt lock is an innovative smart security lock, using advanced wireless technology and intelligent control system. It can realize remote control and monitoring. Users can remotely open and close the lock through mobile phone APP or other smart devices, and check the status of the door lock in real time. The smart deadbolt lock also has a variety of unlocks, such as fingerprint recognition, combination lock, Tuya, TTlock, etc.,to ensure the security of the door lock.

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Glass Door Lock

Glass door lock is a kind of lock specially designed for glass doors. It adopts special material and structure, which can be tightly fixed on the glass door without damaging the glass. It not only has good safety performance, but also has a beautiful appearance. Glass door locks are usually opened and closed by keys or passwords, and some high-end products also support unlocking methods such as fingerprint recognition or IC cards.

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Entry Door Lock

Entry door lock is a lock used for the entrance door of a home or apartment. It has a high-strength anti-theft function, is not easy to be hacked, and can effectively protect the property and personal safety of residents. Entry door locks usually adopt multiple unlocking methods such as keys, APP, passwords or fingerprints, and users can choose the appropriate unlocking method according to their own needs.

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Handle Lock

Handle lock is an innovative product combining door handle and door lock. It not only has the safety performance of traditional door lock, but also can operate the door handle conveniently. The handle lock is generally opened and closed by a key, a password or a fingerprint, and the user only needs to twist it lightly to complete the unlocking or locking operation.

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Rim Door Lock

Rim door lock is a traditional door lock that achieves a secure lock by being inserted into the lock hole on the door frame. The rim door lock has excellent safety performance, which can effectively protect the property and personal safety of residents. The operation of the rim door lock is relatively cumbersome, but its sturdy and reliable features make it a trusted choice for many users. It is usually unlocked with a key, but now fingerprints or APP are more popular in the market.

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Cylinder Lock

Cylinder lock has a simple and beautiful appearance design, and is easy and quick to operate. Generally, a key or a password is used to switch, and the user only needs to rotate the sphere slightly to complete the unlocking or locking operation. The unique design of the cylinder lock makes it an ideal choice for modern homes and commercial places, which not only meets the security requirements, but also provides a convenient use experience.

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