Gun Case With Fingerprint Lock

Gun Case With Fingerprint Lock


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  • Product model
    Brand name
    Product name
    Gun Case With Fingerprint Lock
    Cold rolled steel plate
    Matte black
    Unlock way
    Password, Fingerprint, Key, Fingerprint + Password
    Internal Dimensions
    65(H) x 177 (W) x297 (L) MM
    Net weight
    Fingerprint module resolutio
    Battery Life
    800 charges and discharges (15 years)
    Working voltage

    1. Quality assurance, high stamping, high durability, and high heat reflectivity of high-quality cold-rolled steel.

    2. Security guarantee, take important documents to need fingerprint + password double authentication to unlock.

    3. Super hard fingerprint identifier, even if cut by a knife can also be used normally.

    4. This smart safe uses ultra-high security door lock core technology.

    5. Using a high-end reducer motor, high overload, energy saving, working life of 10,800 times, and stable operation 29.5 years.

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