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Smart Key Lock Box to Protect Your Keys

In modern society, safety issues are becoming more and more prominent, how to protect personal property and important items has become the focus of attention. In response to the lack of portable and multi-functional key lock boxes on the market, we have launched an innovatively designed key lock box, which is made of zinc alloy and has Tuya, fingerprint, and password unlocking functions. The waterproof level reaches IP66, which can meet various requirements of the application scenario.

Market Analysis

Most of the key lock box products currently on the market lack portability, have single functions, and are bulky, which fails to meet the diverse needs of users. And our key lock box products are based on market demand at the beginning of design, combining portability and versatility, providing users with a more convenient and safe unlocking experience.

Portable unlocking method

1. Tuya unlocking: Our key lock box adopts the innovative Tuya unlocking method, which can be quickly unlocked through APP connection. This unlocking method is not only convenient and fast, but also effectively prevents others from guessing the password.

2. Fingerprint unlocking: The key lock box also includes high-precision fingerprint recognition technology, allowing users to quickly unlock it by lightly touching the fingerprint recognition area with their finger. Fingerprint unlocking is not only safe and reliable, but also easy to operate without memorizing complex passwords.

3. Password unlocking: In addition to Tuya and fingerprint unlocking, our key lock box also allows users to unlock it using a password. You can set a safe password according to your preferences, and you only need to enter the correct password to unlock it.

Application Scenarios

1. Car scene: Our key lock box can be easily hung on the car, not only can protect the safety of car keys, but also can be used as a storage box for emergency spare keys. Whether traveling by car or parking for a long time, you can safely put your keys in the lock box and enjoy safety and convenience.

2. Access control scene: Whether it is residential access control or office access control system, our key lock box can meet your needs. Through Tuya, fingerprint, and password unlocking functions, you can safely store and take out keys anytime and anywhere without worrying about the embarrassment of losing or forgetting the password.

3. Travel scene: During travel, the security and portability of keys are particularly important. Our key lock box can be easily hung on items such as luggage to protect your keys from accidental loss. At the same time, the waterproof design reaches IP66, so that your keys can be effectively protected in outdoor environments.

Our key lock box not only has the high-quality guarantee of zinc alloy material, but also has multiple unlocking methods such as Tuya, fingerprint, and password unlocking, which are suitable for various scenarios such as car, access control, and travel. KENRONE products will provide you with a safer and more convenient unlocking experience so that your property and important items are always best protected.